She's a geek and it's chic!

Bea is a belgian in Paris, geek, singer and fashion stylist.
Passionate about accessories, she swears by them to give personality to any outfit.
She has a gift for snooping and finding the right piece that will suit everyone while remaining true to her taste and style.
Bea scans the web constantly looking for new products.

In 2012, she decided to gather all her favorite pieces and brands in an online store, ByBea.com, where she presents the creations of young jewelry designers and fashion accessories from around the world.
You will find exclusive items, designer pieces in small quantities, souvenirs from her travels or even notorious brands that are hard to find online in France.

What she coudln't find on the web, Bea decided to create it herself under her brand ByBea.

A propos de ByBea Beatrice Lang